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At CiscoLessons we believe in not only providing a great learning experience for our students, but also in providing a great teaching experience for our instructors!

Online course creation is one of the best passive income generation methods available today. Experience the joy of sharing your knowledge and expertise with eager students, and make some extra money doing it!

How to become a teacher

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The first step to start teaching on CiscoLessons is to submit the instructor application on this page. If approved, an instructor account will be created for you and further instructions provided on how to upload your course content. We pride ourselves on providing high quality instructional content and may request an example of your course content to ensure it meets our standards.
Please note we have some rules related to course content which will be strictly enforced:
  • Course content must be related to IT networking. Some examples of subjects in this area are:
    • Content covering networking vendor certification exams (CCNA, CCNP, JNCIA, JNCIS, JNCIP, etc.)
    • Content covering a utility or the underlying technology which has a direct use case with network devices.(ie. a general Linux course is acceptable due to it being the underlying technology for a utility such as Ansible, which can be used to interact with network devices)
    • Content covering physical networking practices such as cable dressing or fiberoptic terminations
  • Course video resolutions must be at least 720p resolution.
  • Course audio must be clean, clear and relatively consistent in volume throughout the course. If there is fan noise or other white noise in the background, please use software such as Camtasia to remove it.
  • Any appearances of the instructor on camera must be in appropriate attire, business casual is acceptable.
  • Providing students with instruction to illegally obtain software is prohibited
  • Expressing political, religious or other non-technical unrelated viewpoints within course material is not permitted.
  • Course plagiarism will not be tolerated.
Upon being accepted as an instructor you'll be able to start creating and publishing your courses on our platform. Courses are for sale individually for a single fee and unlimited lifetime access for the student. CiscoLessons operates on a revenue share model where instructors receive 80% of each sale revenue regardless of the sales channel the student was acquired through. Instructor payments are sent once a month on the last business day of the month by PayPal. CiscoLessons will sometimes advertise individual courses without any additional cost to the instructor, potentially significantly boosting your sales!